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Floval was founded in 1988 and from the outset we adopted the Philosophy of providing an avenue for our customers to acquire fit-for-purpose products at an economical price and within a prescribed time frame. This philosophy still holds true today, and is backed by a track record within the South African valve-user industry which is second to none.  

Our philosophy is applied to each and every customer contact is achieved via the pursuit of the following objectives. 

                  * Correct interpretation of customer requirements, from a technical and commercial


                  * Commitment to customer satisfaction.

                  * After sales service and product support.

Floval is a subsidiary Company of PACE Valves (Pty) Ltd, and is a locally manufacturer of the "Phoenix" Multi-Function Control Valve for clean water applications. The selection of products manufactured by Floval are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

Floval is involved in a broad cross-section of industries, including mining, minerals processing, power generation, iron & steel and water treatment. The range of control valves includes pressure reducing, pressure relief / sustaining, level control, deluge control, solenoid to name just a few. 

Floval is a level 4 BBBEE contributor and all valves are tested by SABS in accordance to SABS 1808-31 editions 1-1, 1999. We have an installed base within 13 Eskom facilities. We guarantee a trouble free and reliable service.


Features and Benefits

* Hydrodynamic design with superior hydraulic performance giving low energy losses at high flow-rates. 

* Drip tight closure down to atmospheric pressure.

* Easy in-line maintenance. Only one moving part accessible by removal of the bonnet. No special tools required. 

The Diaphragm is the only free moving part, ensuring smooth frictionless and fault free operation with low hysteresis. 

* A locked in diaphragm, bolted between bonnet / body flange prevents dislodgement in the event of extreme or back pressure, is unaffected by pipe stresses (The Diaphragm goes with the flow, unstressed). 

*Simply sturdy construction with no crevices or contours FBE coated internally and externally to prevent corrosion. 

* The natural tendency for the moulded Diaphragm is to close automatically when the line pressure drops to about 0.5kg/cm2 (7psi) which prevents line drainage.

* Controllable opening and closing speeds prevents water hammer. 

* Internals are unaffected by precipitated deposits, such as dissolved minerals in water, which could cause conventional valves to jam due to close-fitting machined parts. 

* No sticking or seizure, even after prolonged periods, in the open or closed positions. 

* Only the valve pilot system will activate the main valve and not external influences such as pressure surges. 

* Internal ribs add strength to the construction and support the diaphragm preventing excessive deformation taking place. 




Level Control

Modulating Type - Controls Liquid levels of tanks and reservoirs. The valve closes gradually when the preset level approaches. 

Differential On/Off Type - The Valve closes when the water level reaches maximum and opens only at the present minimum. 


Electric Solenoid

Opens and closes on electric command, Standard 3/2 way configuration solenoid. Voltages 24VDC, 110 & 220 VAC

Pressure Relief / Sustaining

Maintains constant upstream pressure by relieving excess pressure downstream or to atmosphere.


Deluge Valve

The Phoenix Deluge valve system with accelerator pilot continuously monitors the air pressure in the deluge system sensing lines. When the air pressure drops to a pre-set pressure, the valve will activate and remain open. When air pressure is restored, the valve will automatically close. No manual reset is required. 

Pressure Reducing

Maintains accurate downstream pressure regardless of upstream pressure fluctuations. Reduction ratio of up to 3:1 achievable as standard.


Stope Isolation

Our Stop Isolation valve system isolates the water and air in the stopes when power is switched off. The system is fitted with a manual override to prevent production losses during power failures. 





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